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Online Reputation Management (ORM)
In today’s the technology driven world, one can easily do away with all kinds of negative comments and negative propaganda against one’s business online. There are online reputation management tools and tips that can be implemented to manage your online reputation especially with a strong SEO team, who has been successful in promoting your website.

Pinga Solutions’ teams of experts work round-the-clock to successfully build, defend, shape and maintain your online reputation. They enhance the visibility and revive the online image of your website by managing consumer generated media. They help you in improving customer's satisfaction by gaining their feedback of a brand or website.

Our ORM services include
• Increasing the rank of your website by doing away with all the negative propaganda.

• Researching, Analyzing, Content creations, Positive link updating and full monitoring services of your website.

For this purpose we have a well-trained team of content writers to create positive and fresh content for SEO optimized articles, Blogs, press releases and websites.

If your online reputation is different from your offline reputation and the search engine results have a negative impact, it’s time to call in our specialists. Discover your benefits of Online Reputation Management with Pinga.
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