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Pay Per Click Services (PPC)

Pinga Solution’s Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management service allows a site to be advertised on various keywords selected by the advertiser when a particular search is performed on the preferred search engine.Ex. Google.Yahoo, Msn.

Using a bidding mechanism, the advertisers can decide to have ads planned higher or lower for a keyword, depending on what position they desire their PPC ads to appear on, and how much they are willing to bid for the same.

By using our Pay Per Click (PPC) the advertisers can find better ROI (Return on Investment) for their business in terms of top keywords positions in search engine, generating sales leads at Lower CPC.

PPC or Pay Per Click is the name given to the online search marketing pricing structure, where advertiser pays the publishing site/engine each time a prospect clicks on his ad.

PPC Campaign Plan

The design, development and management of the campaign hold the key to its success. PPC Program involves –

Managing ad campaigns
Selecting the right keywords
Deciding the right bid to ensure not only a high click rate but one that ensures high conversions rate also
Understanding the needs of the visitor and translating the same
Deciding the landing pages and much more

PPC advertising company in India
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